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Covid-19 Pledge

May 19th 2022

Independent Sage and Clinically Vulnerable Families. Bereaved Families for Justice, Long Covid SOS, the BMA, the Hazards Campaign and a coalition of unions and health organisations launched the ‘Covid-19 Safety Pledge’.

The aim of is to promote the creation of safe spaces at work by following 3 simple steps:

  • Protect workers and customers from Covid-19

  • Risk assess their premises and practices to safeguard against infection

  • Ask workers who test positive for Covid to stay at home while infectious and to provide the support for them to do so.

We invite all employers to sign up to basic public health measures as outlined above. We would also encourage them to consider going above and beyond to reduce the spread of infections in

the workplace and in particular to consider the needs of any Clinically Vulnerable Families.

Clean air is something that we should all consider to reduce not only Covid-19 infections but also other infections which can spread through the air including 'flu, polio, monkeypox, colds and pollution which effects asthma and pollen. High risk employees should be supported to wear high quality FFP2/3 masks and those who are severely immunosuppressed should have the option to work from home.

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