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Clinically Vulnerable Families is working to support individuals in the UK who are:

  • Clinically Vulnerable

  • [Formerly] Clinically Extremely Vulnerable 

  • Severely Immunosuppressed

  • AND those living in the same household.

We were founded in August 2020 before children returned to schools for the first time since the start of the pandemic. At that time the government told us that schools were safe and children did not catch or spread Covid-19 infections. When protections were withdrawn for Clinically Vulnerable adults we expanded our support to all vulnerable households.

Clinically Vulnerable Families aims to:


  • support via our peer support network

  • educate by sharing scientific and evidence based resources

  • and assist by providing practical help / advice where needed


Foaming see water stretches out to a foggy cliff faced coastline ahead. Sandy coloured weathered rocks on the left and right of the image.

our vision

That one day we will have sufficient protections in place to restore the freedoms of our most vulnerable.

our mission

To support, inform and advocate for those in Clinically Vulnerable households as they face an ongoing threat posed by Covid-19.

Layers of sedimentary rock curves and waves from the top left to the bottom right.


Person Participating in Video Call

"This group has shown me that I’m not going through this alone. It’s taught me how to cope with the challenges faced by vulnerable people and it’s reminded me that my life is still worth something."

— Juliet Barrable

Climbing Wall

“Every time I risk assess any situation I come to this group for the latest up to date info. If we've a vaccine question I come here and most importantly if we feel lonely, confused or like the rest of the world's gone mad we seek reassurance, sanity, encouragement and motivation."

— Justine Wellens

“This group is a ray of sunshine in a frightening world where people do not seem to understand or care what we are going through. I don’t post much but I do come on and have a read and it provides comfort that we are in this together with others who understand what we are going through..”

— Tracey Moore


“Fantastic network posting links to government data and expert information during the ongoing Covid pandemic. Thank you fellow CV’s”

— Martyn Kemp

Scienctists wearing googles and using pipettes in a lab.
Reading in Nature

“This group means a lot to me. It is very important that we are able to share our experiences and ask advice when many of us feel excluded from so much.”

— Sarah Webley

Stack of dark coloured decreasing rocks balancing.

“Being in the group is a comfort and gives information and stability in a scary situation.”

— Leslie Fagence-Lewis

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