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Clinically Vulnerable Families has been working in various ways to support our community. 

UK Covid-19 Inquiry
Our work with the UK Covid-19 Inquiry is vital to highlight the unique challenges we, as Clinically Vulnerable families, have faced since the emergence of Covid. By sharing our experiences, we aim to shed light on the impact of government policies on our lives. Through our contributions, we hope to ensure that future public health strategies better protect and support Clinically Vulnerable households better.

Meet our Legal Team

On 24th July at 6pm, we will hold an online meeting for people in Clinically Vulnerable households. For more information and to sign up to attend, please follow this link:


If you, or someone who lives in your household, qualify as Clinically Vulnerable or as a member of a Clinically Vulnerable household (as outlined on our form) then you might also like to join us as a Facebook member in order to further assist with this vital work.




Since 2020 we have been meeting with MPs and decision makers to share our unique perspective, knowledge and important research.



Our group is the foremost sources for data on Clinically Vulnerable people and households across the UK. We regularly poll and run questionnaires and ask questions to gather specific information to share with decision makers, researchers and media.

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When our organisation was founded by Lara Wong  (a former Science Teacher) in 2020 her aim was to share accurate and up to date scientific research and understanding in such a way as to assist our members to risk assess and take measures to control their risks. This remains a critical area of our work to this day.


Mental Health

Mental health is a significant issue for our group and CVF has worked to support our Facebook community through weekly online meet-ups.  Since 2020, there has also been a weekly 'check-in' post in the group to discuss current issues and personal experiences.

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