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We need an inclusive society in the face of ongoing Covid-19 challenges

While some may view the pandemic as a thing of the past, we, the Clinically Vulnerable, understand that the presence of Covid-19 continues to pose significant risks. Life-changing decisions have been forced upon us, and tragically, many lives are still being lost.

At Clinically Vulnerable Families, we firmly believe that more can be done to ensure that everyone can 'learn to live with Covid', without leaving any section of society behind.

Our supportive community is growing, and our dedicated volunteers are committed to driving meaningful changes. We recognise the importance of creating an inclusive society that allows all vulnerable individuals to safely access workplaces, healthcare, schools, and public spaces.

If you are affected by these issues, we invite you to join our vibrant social media community.

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Clinically Vulnerable Families 

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We are a group of volunteers working to support the Clinically Vulnerable community via social media and beyond.

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Clinically Vulnerable Families 

Building a Safer Future for All

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